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Bathroom Dreams Come True

My Bathroom Nightmares have come to an end!

Since we last visited this room, we’ve added a fresh medicine cabinet and vanity from Ikea, as well as all of the necessary trimmings.

At the end of the day, we created a bold new bathroom for about $600-$700 – including: new toilet, new vanity and sink, new medicine cabinet, paint and décor (this did not include the electrical work of moving/rewiring the outlet, since we had a LOT of electrical upgrades done besides just this one room).

Ooooh...brushed nickel fixtures!

Ooooh…brushed nickel fixtures!

IMG_4216 IMG_4217

Finally, we added in the other bathroom necessities (shower curtain, towels, etc).

All done! (Sorry the shower curtain one is a little fuzzy... hard to tell on a phone camera! :)

All done! (Sorry the shower curtain one is a little fuzzy… hard to tell on a phone camera! 🙂

All done! (Sorry the shower curtain one is a little fuzzy...but, you get the gist!) :)

I don’t believe a room is ever truly finished, because a home is a dynamic place filled with constant change. But I can safely say that we can shift our focus to other rooms and projects… for now. Overall, it just feels great to say that we are satisfied with another room! All of our hard work is starting to pay off.

So, what do you think? Would you have saved the pink?


Bathroom Nightmares

The bathroom in this house was my biggest nemesis when choosing whether to save or demo.

Here’s what it looked like when we bought it:
(and yes, all of the toiletries were still in there, too)

Notice the blue rugs and red, white and green drop ceiling. Um...What?!?!

Notice the blue rugs and red, white and green drop ceiling. Um…What?!?!


Opposite wall view…sooo many towel bars!

Plenty of ideas were thrown around, from complete demolition to just getting the tiles re-glazed in another color or just plain white. Since the tiles were in good shape, it seemed a shame to tear them out (not to mention the huge cost to replace them). Plus, something about that pink tile got me thinking…

After some creative Googling, I stumbled across several pink bathroom renovation ideas that were actually really great. I also found a website called Save The Pink Bathrooms ( which pays homage to the nostalgia that these rosy wonders hold – There is even a corresponding Flickr account with reader-contributed images of pink & vintage bathrooms from around the country – fun!

I was fascinated, and declared (to my boyfriend’s dismay) that the peachy-pink tile was going to stay.

So, here’s what we’ve done so far:

First, we removed all of the ugly rugs, storage containers, shelves and the drop ceiling (which was covering a wonderful vaulted ceiling and skylight with a damper for ventilation, since there is no built-in fan).

Then, we removed the yellowy marbled paneling that covered the walls above the tile. Some may argue that this marbled paneling was part of the original character of the bathroom (1950s chic), but it simply couldn’t be saved. The former owner had drilled/nailed/glued too many things into it, and when we removed all of the shelves and hooks the leftovers were not pretty. (Read: It-used-to-be-white marbled paneling. Gross!)

We let my dad remove the medicine cabinet since it was hooked up to wiring (we don’t mess with anything electrical – safety first!).

Bathroom with primed walls (looking better already)!

Bathroom with primed walls (looking better already)!


There used to be two towel bars on the door. One day, I tore one off in a fit of rage!
Just kidding…the door sticks and I grabbed it for leverage. Almost as good…

Once the bathroom was stripped down to just the bare walls, tiles and floor, we installed a new toilet and got the walls primed.

The paint color was a tough choice, but we ultimately decided on grey. Why? Because we wanted to neutralize the bold tile color a little bit and give the room a cooler, more modern feel.

Ooooh. So smooth looking!

IMG_9767IMG_6951 Ooooh. So smooth looking!

So that’s where we stand with the (formerly) nightmare bathroom. It’s almost there! I’ll keep you posted on the finishing touches.

Next Up: We’ll add a fresh medicine cabinet, a smaller vanity and some bathroom essentials. (Shower curtain, anyone?)

In the meantime, what do you think?

Have you ever had to find a way around a built-in feature (like pink tile) that you weren’t sure about? What was the result?

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